Click on any of the "P" icons in the map above to see the name and address of each parking facility.

Both the marathon and the half marathon start and finish at the same location. The pre-race staging area is located in Portland's Waterfront Park at 1000 SW Naito Pkwy (shown by the orange flag). Dozens of hotels are located within walking distance of the venue and runners staying at those hotels are encouraged to leave their cars at their hotels. Portlanders and others who plan to arrive at the start venue from farther away and require parking facilities for their cars are encouraged to plan for at least 45 minutes to park their car and walk to the start venue after arriving in downtown. Please utilize the map above to identify nearby parking facilities and keep in mind that these facilities require payment.

Because most race participants attempt to park as near as possible to the start/finish venue, those facilities closest to the start line will fill up early on race morning. To avoid potential delays due to full lots, runners are encouraged to plan to park at a facility somewhat removed from the start/finish venue if they arrive later in the morning. Also keep in mind that those who park at facilities nearest the start/finish venue will encounter the longest delays as they exit the area after the race.

Upon arriving at the finish venue, spectators may utilize the same parking facilities that are recommended for participants. It is very unlikely that parking will be available in the facilities nearest the start/finish venue by the time spectators begin to arrive and they should therefore plan to park at facilities that are slightly more removed from the venue. Spectators should expect to pay for parking and should anticipate delayed travel throughout the downtown area.

Those who plan to be dropped off at the start venue by another driver should arrange to be dropped off at a location well removed from the start line and proceed to the staging venue on foot. Please do not attempt to be dropped off directly at the staging venue as extreme traffic congestion will result.