Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association

The Portland Marathon will take place on Sunday, Oct. 6, 2024. The static map shows the race route in the proximity of your neighborhood. Continue to scroll down to see an interactive map of the entire route. As a rule of thumb it will not be possible to drive on, or drive across, the streets used for the race until the last runner has passed the location and the traffic control devices have been removed. Vehicles will be turned away one block prior to reaching the race route.

Route Description In Your Neighborhood

Although the actual race route does not enter Arlington Heights, it will impact nearby streets. Runners begin the race Downtown and cross W Burnside St several times within the first few miles. The route eventually travels west up W Burnside St and enters the Northwest District to continue on in the race.

Special Traffic Considerations In Your Neighborhood

It will not be possible to travel on or across W Burnside St anywhere east of NW 23rd Ave between the hours of 7:10 and 8:15 a.m. Arlington Heights residents who need to exit their neighborhood traveling east on Burnside during this timeframe will be able to make it as far as NW 23rd Ave / SW Vista Ave and will then be directed south onto SW Vista Ave into the Goose Hollow neighborhood.

Because of the restriction on crossing W Burnside St and Alder St from 7:10-8:15 a.m., it will not be possible to access the 405 N Freeway from Goose Hollow by using the SW 14th Ave / Couch St on-ramp. Those needing to exit the neighborhood to travel north on the 405 freeway during that time will need to travel east to SW Broadway and then south to use the SW 6th Ave on-ramp to northbound 405.

The most convenient way to exit the neighborhood between 7:10 and 8:15 a.m. will be to avoid W Burnside St and travel down SW Kingston Dr or SW Knights Blvd to access US Hwy 26.

Those needing to travel into the Arlington Heights area from the east during the impacted timeframe should do so via the 405 Freeway. Use the Salmon St Exit (Exit 2A) and then use SW Taylor Ave --> SW 18th Ave --> SW Main St --> SW Vista Ave to hit W Burnside and be able to travel west to Arlington Heights. Alternatively, use US Hwy 26 westbound and take exit 72.

Those needing to travel into the Arlington Heights area from the northeast during the impacted timeframe should do so via the 405 South Freeway and exiting onto US Hwy 26 westbound. After driving through the tunnel, take the first exit (Exit 72) towards the Oregon Zoo. Use SW Knights Blvd and SW Kingston Dr to enter Arlington Heights.

Entire Race Route

The interactive map below shows the entire race route. Zoom in to see the exact streets that will be used for the race. If you plan to travel into or through any neighborhoods near the race route between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, please take a moment to read the detailed traffic control description for that neighborhood by returning to the main Traffic page and selecting the neighborhood in question.

Neighborhood Cheer Challenge

Does your neighborhood association want to get involved with the marathon and make some money? All neighborhood associations (including those that are not on the actual race route) are invited to participate in the Neighborhood Cheer Challenge. Here's how it works: If your association decides to participate, you will be assigned a spot on the race course to take over and demonstrate your neighborhood's personality. You are encouraged to bring signs, play music, decorate, and most importantly CHEER on the runners and help them have an unforgettable experience.

After the race, runners will vote on their favorite groups and the top five neighborhood associations will win $500 each, with the first place group taking home the grand prize of $1,000. There is no limit or requirement on the number of people who need to participate, and there is no fee to participate. To sign up your neighborhood, email us at

For questions regarding the City's administration of this permit, please contact Allison Madsen at or 503-865-2482.