Reedway Bus Box
Marathon mile 20.7
Half Marathon mile 7.6

Marathon runners will pass through this Bus Box at mile 20.7. Half marathon runners will pass through it at mile 7.6.

Runners will approach the bus box by following the blue line running from east to west on SE Reedway St, starting at the green marker shown on the map. All runners will continue west until reaching the intersection of SE Reedway St & SE 20th Ave.

The "regular" route follows the purple line to continue west on SE Reedway St and then turn right (north) on Milwaukie Ave to arrive at the location shown by the orange marker.

The "detour" route follows the red line to turn right (north) on SE 20th Ave, then left (west) on SE Harold St to arrive at the location shown by the orange marker.

After reaching the location shown by the orange marker, all runners will follow the blue line to continue north on Miwaukie Ave on the regular route.

The regular route and the detour route have both been measured and certified so that no matter which route a runner takes, their race results will be valid and certified.

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